Position: Permit Coordinator


A Permit Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to collect information from our clients for the purpose of submitting permit applications and communicating with authorities to ensure the process is moving toward approved permits or other appropriate documentation. This role necessitates proactivity, self-guidance, and understanding when to ask for assistance; as you will be expected to work independently and with limited supervision.

Key Duties Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Respond to emails from existing clients.
  • Compile permit packages tailored to specific jurisdictions.
  • Monitor project progress and request updates from jurisdictions when review expectations are not met.
  • Maintain open and amenable lines of communication with local authorities and clients.
  • Review documents, such as information forms and plans, submitted by clients (architects, contractors, engineers) for copy and content.
  • Oversee multiple projects simultaneously, with transparent and consistent communication regarding completed tasks and next steps.
  • Collaborate harmoniously with colleagues on shared projects.
  • Generate zoning and land use assessments to create a project specific permitting strategy.
  • Attend public hearings related to zoning and land use projects.
  • Verify the accuracy of permit packages after approval.


  • Minimum of 6 years work experience in any field that involves customer service, organization, and problem solving.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Self-motivated and capable of working independently. Proficiency in interpreting construction plans and drawings.
  • Familiarity with the fundamentals of the construction and development processes.
  • Understanding of zoning and land use regulations.
  • Understanding of PDF creation, formatting of plans used in construction, basic software knowledge.
  • Personable and adept at nurturing client and public agency relationships.
  • Solution-oriented, resourceful in overcoming project obstacles. Strong organizational skills.
  • Effective oral and written communication abilities. Excellent writing skills.

Work Arrangement:

This position can be remote after training is complete. Applicants should be flexible to work in the office during training and if required for specific case files.

Hours of Operation:

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Job Type:



$30 hourly for training and $50 hourly for billing. Salary possible depending on experience and billable hour average.