An Ounce of Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin famously spoke these words in relation to building safety. Fire safety to be specific but his words have become a tried and true sentiment.

We, at CleanTag, have the opportunity to hear stories from homeowners caught in problems relating to their property and residences, which they did not create. These problems were often created by the previous homeowner, rarely for any reason other than lack of understanding city code. Solving the problems can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating, regardless of who is responsible for creating them.

The best way to avoid creating these problems for yourself or others is to contact design and code professionals to help navigate the rules for your property.

All lots will have setbacks, building lines, building height restrictions, impervious coverage restrictions while some lots will have additional development restrictions relating to easements and other zoning rules. These building restrictions will need to be considered before beginning your project design, be it a fence or a new residence.

Although we enjoy helping our clients solve problems we would much rather help prevent them.

30-­60 minutes of consultation with a few different design professionals will be a valuable contribution to any project. Reach out for opinions from different sources. Architects, landscape designers, permit consultants, contractors, builders, and the city offices governing development for your area. CleanTag can help you navigate the process and connect you to the answers for your questions.

We can offer you prevention or cure… but I think most agree that prevention is preferred.